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people in five states. a pair of tornadoes destroyed the town of harryville, indiana. we'll have a live report from that scene in about five minutes. >>> more than 10,000 college students will rally at the state capitol tomorrow. they held occupy education events on thursday. they are upset about having to pay more money for higher education while more faculty and staff members are being laid off. students want governor brown to reject any budget deal that includes education cut or tuition hikes. they also support raising funds with proposed tax hikes on the rich. >>> now on to national headlines, we'll turn to our campaign 2012 coverage. mitt romney has won the caucuses in the state of washington, but not by the majority, providing questions for you. more questions about the momentum as he heads into super tuesday in about 48 hours from now. >>> with the vote in all precincts now counted, romney has 38%. ron paul is second in washington with 25% and rick santorum is a close third with 24%. while newt gingrich is further back with 10%. now this weekend, romney has been highlighting his
of the hardest hit areas of indiana was a town of henryville, north of louisville. josh levs joins us now with incredible images that we just got from that area. >> yes, it's coming to us from the newsroom this afternoon. hello again to all of you folks. this is some of the most dramatic video that we have seen from these storms and these tornadoes that ripped through parts of this country. let's take first a look at this video to set it up. okay. here's what you're seeing here. this is inside a gas station in henryville. a man named mike who had just not long before gotten inside that gas station and got a little bit of video. you can see a little bit out the window as the tornado came through. then he steps outside, let's watch this next video together. there it is, we're going to stay on this video. look at that. this is incredibly powerful. and tells us a story of what had happened. these tornadoes came through and actually flattened the gas station across the street from where he was. he says it was blind luck he came inside this shell gas station instead of another. look how huge th
to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt reporting from henryville, indiana, a town that was it lutterly devastated by friday's storms. >> i'm amy robach inside studio 1a. here's what we know. 31 dead, 14 in indiana, 14 in kentucky and three in ohio. that number is expected to rise today. authorities say it's difficult to determine how many people are missing as searchers struggle with the lack of electricity in many areas. >> reporter: more than 85 tornados were reported on friday. it was the second time in a week that storms swept across parts of the nation's midsection. ten states were under some kind of weather threat. the hardest hit areas are in southern indiana, kentucky, ohio, tennessee, and northern alabama. now, in terms of size, this storm system was enormous. we watched it building all day. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. it was so side that an estimated 34 million people were at risk for severe weather. that's according to the national weather service, amy. >> and, lester, you were just in harrisburg, illinois. and i know you arrived
. the latest storms hit indiana, ohio, kentucky and the deep south. you're looking at video which shows a huge tornado hitting henryville, indiana. authorities there say tornadoes wiped out some rural communities. and as you can see, some towns were just flattened. survivors describe it as complete destruction. coming up at 7:30, we'll have a live report from henryville, where a tornado leveled neighborhoods there and swept school buses into buildings. >>> this morning in san francisco a few dozen people who cannot afford health insurance will receive much- needed medical care. and some of these procedures will potentially save their lives. allie rasmus is live this morning at the kaiser perm a medical center in the city with more. >> reporter: we're outside kaiser hospital, and through these entrance doors here there are 30 people who are about to undergo surgery this morning for free. it's part of a program kaiser has been doing for nearly 20 years. this is video from past years called operation access, and the goal is to help low income and uninsured people in the community, there are lot o
the nation's heartland. >> at least 38 people have died. you can see one of the tornadoes in indiana in this video. more than 100 struck across nine states. scott goldberg reports from one of the hardest hits area, henrysville, indiana. >> in henryville, indiana, they knew something was coming but nothing could prepare them for this. >> you could hear the wind, the flashes of light. >> the tornado rolled through so quickly, gina didn't have time to escape the high school where she works. she huddled with her son and ten other students in the principal's office while the roof was ripped away. >> we're all alive. >> reporter: this used to be west liberty, kentucky. the twister that came through is part of a system that brought 100 tornadoes from the ohio valley to the gulf cores. >> if we hadn't had the phone service, because we food power, no remote radio or anything like that. the only thing we had was our phones. >> reporter: in alabama, cell phone warnings saved people who now have to recover from their second tornado in less than a year. other stores survival just sound lucky, lik
in hard-hit kentucky and indiana. >>> president obama has a key meeting with the prime minister of israel and more with steve croft of "60 minutes" and his explosive cyber warfare investigation. >>> i am gayle king. rush limbaugh apologizes it a d.c. law student but the sponsors are still walking away. we'll talk to the man behind hbo's new film approximate sarah palin and the 2008 campaign. >>> i'm erica hill, george clooney, brad pitt and many more on stage for one night only. we'll also check in on prince harry's royal visit in the bahamas. >>> first, as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> i'm so heartbroken. i feel like i don't care anymore. >> a toddler found in a field becomes the latest victim of the tornado tragedy. >> 14-month-old angel babcock, a girl who became a symbol of hope died after being taken off life support. >> as residents across five states work to rebuild after an epic disaster. >> i work all my life to have what we have and it's all gone in 15 seconds. >>> the chips are down. i have israel's back. >> presi
zone. >> it's hard to believe that harsh winter weather is hitting henryville, indiana after summer-like killer tornadoes tore through the area. abc's ginger zee is there. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. yesterday we flew over the tornadic annihilation. we've seen a lot of images like this on the ground. but to see it from above was something completely different. when you see all of the homes wiped from their foundation, you see the trees that have been snapped and plucked from that huge tornado, and really when you fly above it it gives you that width or that breadth that it covered, at times a half a mile, this ef 4 monster had winds of 175 miles per hour. and boy, could you see it from up there in that chopper. so we went over not only the town of pekan, where poor baby angel at this time we found was taken off life support. and that was that one family who now was altogether taken from that tornado. but in pekan the tornado then moves to henryville. from there to marysville, where one church stands alone. so many stories of lucky survival because
in hard-hit kentucky and indiana. >>> and president obama has a key meeting with israel's prime minister. we'll get to the white house. >>> and also more with steve cross of "60 minutes" and his explosive cyber warfare investigation. >>> i'm gayle king. rush limbaugh and an about face and apologizes to a d.c. law student, but the sponsors are still walking away. >>> and at 8:00, we'll talk to the man behind hbo's new film with sarah palin and the 2008 campaign. >>> i'm erica hill. george clooney, brad pitt, and many more on stage together for one night only. >>> plus, prince harry's royal visit in the bahamas. >>> but first, a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> just trying to salvage what's left. start all over, and we will. >> residents work to rebuild after epic disaster. >> i worked all my life to have what we have, and it's all gone in 15 seconds. >>> a toddler found in a field is the latest victim of the tornado tragedy. >> 15-month-old angel babcock died after she was taken off life support. >>> when the chips are down, i have israel's back. >> president oba
to indiana and points each. grant lodes is monitoring this developing story in our newsroom. >>grant: another round of killer tornadoes just tearing through several states. this is the destruction. at least 14 people have now died. emergency officials are almost certain that the death toll will continue to rise. but this is in addition to 13 people who died on wednesday. people are confirmed dead in ohio, kentucky and indiana. so far, too small towns in southern indiana look like they took the worst of it. tornadoes rolling to the indiana towns of henry built in marysville. they are just north of the kentucky border. each has a population of about 2000 residents. with the twisters touching down, the mayor of marysville said that it is gone. a storm chasers and local news crews have been capturing some of the footage. you can see the twister in the background, it is very defined, very large. huge! it is charging through the country around 70 mi. per hour, the winds were well over 150 mi. per hour. from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico, people are hoping and praying that the worst is over.
's heartland, it appears damaged in southern indiana and western kentucky. tornadoes killed at least 39 people and in all 52 people have been killed by tornadoes in the past week. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. amateur photographer captured one twister forming near a gas station. they say another tornado packed wind gusts up to 175 miles per hour. >>> also this morning, a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition. she is the only member of her immediate family to survive one of those deadly tornadoes. coming up in less than 10 minutes. a story of sadden and hope and the toddler named angel. >> in overnight news. an ac transit passenger was pursued in oakland. >> they were chasing after the driver and what they believe was a stolen mercedes beans. they per sued him -- mercedes-benz and they couldn't overtake him. the passengers bumped his head and he is okay. the suspect after crashing his car, he was caught by police. >>> a high speed chase overnight in concord ended with a chase at 2:00 on clayton road. police tried to stop the car and it kept going. speeds topped 90 mile
and devastation along some of those areas and pile up about one to three inches of snow for parts of indiana, eastern kentucky. that is not good news. another part of the problem is the chilly temperatures. that temperatures are hovering around freezing southern indiana into eastern kentucky and some of the higher elevations of west virginia. we already have some of those rain snow hours in parts of ohio and virginia and eastern kentucky. but because the atmosphere is relatively dry, cold front aside from the tornadoes that dry air will be evaporating some of that moisture before it hits the ground. you get snow showers but not seeing a lot of activity on the ground. as we get our next impulse further off to the west, snow coming in minnesota as an iowa. this will dip into parts of indiana and kentucky and into tomorrow morning. as you see 3:00 a.m. monday, we'll have steady snowfall in parts of kentucky. that said, further off to the south, for the state of tennessee also alabama we're not expecting widespread precipitation or any accumulating snowfall so quiet conditions for them. otherwis
beginning to pick up the pieces in indiana and kentucky are now seeing snow and rain. 39 people have been killed across five states in the south and midwest. the latest victim is an indiana toddler who passed away after being taken off life support last night rescuers are looking for any more potential victims in rural areas many communities are working to restore cell phone service, electricity and internet service. >>> branches of the american red cross and our region have not been called in to help those tornado ravaged states yet but ready to go at any time so far red cross chapters closer to the effected states have been able to cope with the need for shelters but damage assessment teams are still analyzing what is needed there. one need is mental health workers. >>> a lot of the people that were hurt by this tornado, saw horrific images, you know, their houses might have been destroyed, people they know might have been killed or severely injured mental health workers from the red cross are available and talking with them. >> should our local red cross trucks and staff be needed they
hit areas, henryville, indiana. >> overnight in henryville the streets and so many homes were empty. a curfew kept the town's 2,000 residents a save distance from the downed power compliance debris. >> at this time we are actually kind of shifting gears. we are actually turning into what we call a cleanup mode. >> the ef-4 tornado brought winds up to 175 miles an hour to town and ripped the roof off the high school. the 11 students that hid in the principal's office survived, and so did gina scott who works there. >> i didn't expect it to look like this when we opened up the door. >> three hours to the east, this is what is left of rest liberty, kentucky, after another twister. >> about a mile and a half to two mile wide through town. >> a dozen tornadoes hit kentucky, part of the same system that brought more than a turn tornadoes through the country's midsection from the ohio valley to the gulf coast. >> it's an alert, it's an alert. >> in alabama cell phone warnings saved people who now have to recover from their second tornado in less than year. a straughn owner saved himself by
this is from indiana. we often see the before. >> everything looks fine in henry vale however, as this school buses returned to get the children you can understand that something dangerous is not far away in henryville the cafe is still in one piece. however, just after 4 minutes these tornados began. >> the mammoth that token amount in a short amount of time is mind boggling. for >>reporter: and the south section the camera stays on as the tornado rips off the roof in pieces. it happens in just 20 seconds. with 80s staff stashed students work in the corridor. staff-students. and 20 seconds later the running is in the other direction. >> it is the amount of constructio destruction is amaze worst -- no injuries. as >>reporter: they took refuge in the office you can still see the wind what they had to do to climb over to get out. you never actually see the vortexes of the tornado just of cortex, the pressure, the debris moving in different directions. the votex. the gymnasium was no match. >> the entire self-and of the gymnasium s--south portion polls the debris in and out and demonstrates the
the deal, either. the guys dominated indiana in the first half, building a 22-point lead, only to watch it evaporate in the second. nene making his verizon center debut for the wizards. we start in the first quarter. wizards with the early lead. nene has the ball, steps back, hits the jumper. that looked good. he only had six points, though, for the wizards tonight. third quarter the wizards appear to be in control. check out trevor booker. driving and dunking on people's heads. eight points for booker. the wizards up by 19. but then they went cold. indiana would heat up. remember this guy? roy hibbert. the former hoya. yeah, he's been great. an all-star this year. led indy with 19. the lead was down to 8. here's george on the miss. pacers get the rebound. paul george says i think i'll take it again, this time i'm going to make it. and the pacers have their first lead of the game. john wall up and in to tie the game. here's the problem. watch the lighter on the backboard. goes off before he shoots. so the clock ran down. his shot does not count because it was after the buzzer. so the wi
mommy and dade. -- dade. >> in peeken, indiana, scott atkins. >>> coming up next at 11:00, a daughter honors her father killed in the line of duty by taking his place in a marathon today. we will show you that. >>> what's players and fans looking for coverage at the game? we will show you. >>> and it may seem like spring training around the bay area today. 70s and 80s but get ready for a blast of winter. right now fog and 40s and 50s but some showers and gusty winds this the forecast. a look at the timing when we come back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with
battles with xavier. kentucky and indiana meet in a rematch of an early season thriller. in the midwest, north carolina faces cinderella ohio. and kansas meets north carolina state. >>> when we come back on a monday and a look at this morning's top stories and the chilling 911 call moments after an unarmed black teenager is gunned down by a volunteer on the neighborhood watch. neighborhood watch. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. >>> here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the current. d.c., thunderstorms, 71. atlanta, sunny, 82. st. louis, thunderstorm, 82 degrees. denver, cloudy, 49. seattle, partly cloudy, 48 degrees. >>> top stories now on a monday morning. spring begins tomorrow and winter is going out with a
y hasta orgasmos. la investigaciÓn de la universidad de indiana dice que ocurre sobre todo cuando se utilizan los mÚsculos abdominales o yoga. el 40% de l mujeres dijeron que tuvieron esta experien
indiana con 14, georgia y alabama reportaban un muerto cada uno. el temor sigue latente en medio oeste del paÍs, las autoridades han advertido sobre la posible llegada de nuevas tormentas para las prÓximas horas. al menos uno de los tornados fue de categorÍa 4 con vientos de 175 mph. en otros estados, la intensidad fue df 3 y df 2. la mÁxima categorÍa es ef 5. lo mÁs reciente, pasamos con luis navarro uno de los lugares mÁs afectados por ese desastre natural. >> quÉ tal, buenas noches, durante el dÍa vimos a mucha gente ayudando en las labores de rescate y limpieza de casa. pero las autoridades han restringido el acceso a esta zona devastada. las personas que perdieron sus hogares se encuentran en albergues que fueron abiertos en iglesias y oficinas de gobierno en poblaciones cercanas a este lugar. >> las Únicas personas que nos encontramos aquÍ, somos los medios de comunicaciÓn, la policÍa y los equipos de trabajadores que estÁn a marchas forzadas tratando de reestablecer el servicio elÉctrico. durante el dÍa los afectados trataban de recuperar sus pertenencias. buscab
indiana dice que ocurre sobre todo cuando se utilizan los mÚsculos abdominales o yoga. el 40% de las mujeres dijeron que tuvieron esta experiencia en mÁs de 10 ocasiones.
on the ground in henryville, indiana, and west liberty, kentucky, which suffered widespread destruction. tonight, there's news from both hard-hit cities in west liberty we're getting our first look at what might be the most dramatic video yet of the twisters ripping off a roof like a tin can. an incredible look at its sheer power. >>> in henryville, teachers returned to the decimated school today where a handful of students and staff rode out the storm and were amazingly unharmed. teachers spent the day digging through the rubble to see if there was anything to salvage. students will attend classes at schools in nearby cities for the rest of the school year. >>> we turn to hawaii now which has been far from a vacation paradise this week. as record breaking storms sweep across the island chain. first, the good news. there are no reports of any deaths or injuries. but tonight, the damage is so widespread, hawaii's governor has declared a state of emergency. we get the latest now from nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: the hailstorm that peppered oahu is something that the locals say they have never s
, but they couldn't stop this. henryville, indiana took a direct hit. the twister with winds estimated at 165 miles an hour. homes were smashed apart like doll houses leaving trails of wreckage. >> we seen the storm clouds coming in from up here. you could see them swirling and debris and that's when we went into the house. all i could feel is the wind sucking at us. >> our main focus is to get to people who are missing, frying -- trying to treat the injured, making sure that they have all the medical attention that they need. >> the storm rolled a school bus head on into this building. ferocious winds for the roof off the high school but everyone escaped alive. >> one of our teachers told us he said it was going to be bad and everyone would be in shelter and stay safe. >> in nearby marysville it was totaled. it is all about blasted off the map. in this county even a break wall couldn't hold off the twister's force. in alabama there were brushes with death. >> ran out the front door in pouring rain and turned around and my house is totaled. >> i came downstairs and opened my front door and saw both
. >> also coming up, a harrowing story we brought you on tuesday. an indiana mother who protected her kids by laying on top of them as a tornado ripped apart their home and because of her brave actions she lost part of both legs but her kids survived without a scratch. this morning she'll share her story. and a new drama at nicollette sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit. how the central argument that she was fired from "desperate housewives" in re-al tags got a big hit on tuesday. >> let's begin with the act of tough love from a north carolina father who fired nine shots into his daughter's laptop. we'll talk to them in a moment. first mark potter has the story from the very place where it all began. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. when tommy jordan got up from this chair in this field and shot that computer those were shots heard around the world and seen by millions of people. now he, his wife and daughter are speaking about it publically for the first time after apparently burying the hatchet -- or at least the handgun. tommy jordan and his teenage daught
for indiana hits the shot to hit it 74-73 for indiana. in 1993, the infamous chris weber time-out that michigan didn't are for the fab five. that secures dean smith's second and last national championship at north carolina. so i think some new orleans voodoo here could be happening. >> i'm not trying to rub it in. >> you mentioned syracuse. almost lost yesterday -- >> i watched that game. i shouldn't say that. i actually was working yesterday. i caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> preparing for this segment. >> absoluteliment. >> they're one of the number one seeds in the tournament. you know, they look shaky right now. >> let's move on to number two. feel good story. which school has the feel-good story of 2012? >> you have to feel good about the murray state racers. they were undefeated for much of the seasonment they're now 31-1. they're a sixth seed. they played great yesterday, blew out colorado state. they have an interesting kid, isaiah cannon. a guard from mississippi. but went through all the horrors of katrina. so the racers are a team, i think, they play marqu
indiana to illinois. in that zone, all of the way to louisville, kentucky. keep a big eye out and on our local abc stations there. what about some snow in new england? we're not done with cold air yet. in central new york state, you're looking at some elevation snow here. i think it's a mix in boston, a mix in hartford. new york city, mostly rain out of this. this is tonight, into saturday. but it's going to be a lot of rain. where there is rain, it's kind of a messy day. but first, here's our weekend getaway. brought to you by subway. >> in case you're wondering why there was all this commotion when i mentioned there would be rain over parts of the country -- >> and snow. >> and snow. robin, it will be mid to upper 80s and sunny in key west. >> okay. >> can that slide? >> karma, baby. >> i want it to be sunny for you. >> thank you, see, george wants it to stay sunny. >> he's lying. >> i know he is. >>> the real-life undercover mission of a california cop. he pretended to be a high school student overcoming crime. abc's david wright has this story. >> reporter: 22-year-old alex salinas w
indiana to illinois. keep a big eye out and on our local abc stations there. what about some snow in new england? we're not done with cold air yet. in central new york state, you're looking at some elevation snow here. a mix in boston, a mix in hartford. this is tonight into saturday. it will be a lot of rain. where it is rain it's kind of a messy day. but first, here's our weekend getaway. brought to you by subway. bright and sunny morning clouds willt later this afternoon high temperatures 60-65 degrees and there will be some showers for the overnight, upper 40's-lower 50's and we will get of here by rain out early tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies by the afternoon, 60-65 tomorrow. or online home for abc 7 weather. >> in case you're wondering all of this commotion when i mentioned there will be rain in parts of the country and snow, robin, it's going to be mid to upper 80s in key west. >> okay. >> can that slide? >> i want it to be sunny for you. >> see. >> he's lying. >>> undercover mission in california cop. he pretended to be a high school student overcoming crime. abc'
conservative enough. richard nixon's favorite mayor is apparently not conservative enough for the indiana republican party. i'm still sort of shell shocked by that. lugar's standing up, but are there others that need to do that? >> they do. and what you'll find is the base of the party does get excited when you talk about the conservative economic policies that people like lugar do support. i mean, the keystone pipeline. we're for the keystone pipeline. let's talk about the keystone pipeline. the president messed up there. he really messed up. he stuck his foot in it. if romney just fixated on the keystone pipeline, we'd be against obama, we'd be talking about the right things, and the conservatives who may be somewhat excited about the fact that, you know, originally, we were saying the right thing on the contraception thing too. it was an overreach of contraception thing too. it was an overreach of government. that's really the big issue there. if we had stuck with that part of it, we might have been okay. stick with the keystone pipeline, that's a great issue. and the base was excited
to the region tomorrow. the greatest risk is in ohio and indiana, and down in kentucky and tennessee. twisters ripped through missouri, tennessee, illinois, and kansas yesterday, killing 13 people and leaving the picturese that summed it all up for us today, picturees of relief that a grbs of spared in harrisburg, illinois. realization that most everything you've worked for is gone. and reflection on how much life can change in an instant. dean reynolds is in bridgeway, illinois, tonight. dean. >> reporter: scott, it's taken us a couple of days of driving around and surveying the damage to get a real sense of the power of this tornado and how it chewed up just about everything it touched. bit by bit, piece by piece, they tried to bring some order out of the chaotic landscape. donald davis sifted the debris in what was left of his harrisburg home. >so the roof just david in, huh? >> no, the house exploded. >> reporter: just exploded? >> part of the house here and parts of the house in my basement, parts of the house here and parts of my house right back over here two blocks. it exploded yes, si
. indiana against bcu. it was amazing. they actually returned to the sweet 16 for the first time in a decade. pretty amazing to says the least. very dramatic towards the very end, and sure enough, as march madness is kind of got madness, pretty amazing to watch. >> i'm looking forward to syracuse, as i said, coming up on thursday for the sweet 16. should i be confident? >> i think so. syracuse is a great team. they have great history. a wonderful coach. i have to find a way to get their head coach here in the studio. if they end up winning the nash championship, we have to make it happen. >> yeah. or we can get him before that, and i could just beg him to win it so we're right, so my bracket wins. >> that's true. he wouldn't have had pressure on him before, but if you give him the additional pressure, i'm sure they might be enough. >> there you go. >> i'm good to go. i'm enjoying just watching all this. >> we only show mine because you didn't do one. you didn't have time. otherwise, we would be showing yours al. . >> i'm having more fun. >> you can play along with me. >> all right, reynolds.
the office of the indiana attorney general. with that i give you michael bloom, our moderator, thank you. >> thanks, folks. good afternoon. it, it, this panel -- i suspect will be very interesting and informative. let's just get right to it. we are going to talk about fraud directed at the elderly. and seems to be a natural question is, why do we have a special -- panel on fraud on the elderly? and, there is research that concerns particular vulnerabilities that older folks may have that make them more susceptible than others to certain kinds of fraud. i would look to start then with betsy, about some of the research that the aarp may have done concerning those kinds of vulnerabilities. if you give us, some of those, those, factors that make older folks more vulnerable, perhaps to the frauds we have been talking about so far today. >> it's on. okay. i want first to put it in perspective. it's, there are not a great many statistics about how many elderly are victimized. but we know that -- elderly financial abuse is dramatically maybe 24 people are victimized for every one that's reported
indiana, tennessee and illinois. we always get tornadoes. we always get very severe storms with hail, et cetera. there are a group of scammers that will go from door-to-door and from state to state following the storms. we call them storm chasers. sometimes we have a different group of scammers we call travelers that just come seasonally depending upon what the issues are. in the case of the storm chasers what will happen is they will follow a disaster and they will go door-to-door and say things like, i just repaired your neighbor's roof, and i have some materials left over. be happy to give you a discount on your repair for your house because i have one more day i'm going to be here. if you can decide right now -- so there's always this high pressure sales, the concern for you're going to make a deal we did it for your neighbor. so they're trying to give a number of areas of comfort with respect to, well, i've already about been in your neighborhood, et cetera. and of course we've even seen people get up on the roofs and make damage so that they can ostensibly repair it. a lot of times
system back in better regards in the education community. doip indiana, francis on our democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: hi. caller: i've got to tell you, leave no child behind was to destroy the union. it was to take money away from public schools and give to private schools and parochial schools, which is a violation of our constitution and state. but the way they got around that loophole was they gave the money to the parents. i got to tell you about something i read in my morning paper in fort wayne, indiana. a new deduction on indiana state tax forms is going to take a lot of people by surprise. the general assembly last year approved a tax break for families who home school or send their children to private or parochial schools. $1,000 per child deduction is not available to parents who send their kids to public schools. it's another diversion of money. host: was there a reason? caller: a republican of goshen, along with a senator of auburn, who actually is my aunt's nephew, who's 105, told a south bend tv station last year that the deduction was a matter
19 alertas de tornado en indiana. ten qu ti. alabama y ohio. dejó una estela de destrucción. decenasunivision@@primer impact@ y estamos en vivo a la ciudad de méxico con leóning felipe gonzález que tiene una noticia de último minuto. adelante león. cuéntanos. efectivamente, pamela. hemos estado dando seguimiento en las últimas horas a lo que ha ocurrido con la salud del querido roberto gómez bolaños sales pi rito. estoy con posibilidades de confirmar 2 cosas. ingresó a este hospital el lunes. salió para el homenaje y alegre so. qué te parece si vemos como se vivieron las últimas horas. siguen en espera de información de la salud de roberto gómez bolaños. chespirito. con su esposa no rinld mesa. >>> el más importante de las piernas que le impide caminar bien. y cuando se debilita con mayor razón. el miércoles salió para estar presente en su merecido homenaje. después regresó para seguir su tratamiento en una ambulancia y su hijo, tomó con humor el traslado. >>> fue un buen aventón nada más. y gracias por la preocupación. >>> en su cuentaion@@primer impn emoci
a maybe life. >>> an unbelievable story. an indiana woman has become the face of bravery. in the aftermath of last week's deadly tornadoes. stephanie decker lost both legs while shielding her children from two twisters that hit her home friday. from her hospital bed, she's promising to make it through this ordeal. >> i kind of looked outside to see and i was -- funny i had a hinky feeling that this was going to be a strong storm. >> i kept going back to the radar and looking at it at my desk. i'm sending her a text message and i'm like, it's heading straight at you. she sent me a text message back and that's when she said the whole house is shaking. >> i'm screaming and crying and i was thinking oh, my, the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. and i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them. i wasn't letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. it happened so quickly. the tornado. but the rest of it seemed like it felt like an eternity. i yelled for reese, i said reese, are you okay? and she goes yes, mommy. then i ye
declaration in indiana as several communities continue to clean up from the deadly storms. henriville was hardest hit and yesterday players from the indianapolis colts pitched in to clean the debris. >> given our community a great deal of hope, and they're trying to get everything ready for new building and get it in as fast as possible. >> pep you, brings you up. you know what i mean? makes you feel wonderful inside. >> 13 people in indiana were killed in last friday's tornado outbreak. >>> in news of the world, in columbia thousands of people clashed with police during a protest to demand better public transportation in bogota. macked demonstrators threw rocks against buses yesterday and in turnery on the police used teargas and water cannons in an tome to disburse the protestors. today people were arrested and one police officer was injured. the violence followed peaceful demonstrations earlier in the day against the delays and overcrowding of buses. >>> and new this morning, former united nations secretary general kofi annan is in syria. this weekend he is acting as u.n. arab leag
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